“Punk’d”: Justin Bieber Fails to Punk Rob Dyrdek But Turns the Tables on Miley Cyrus (Video)


MTV’s “Punk’d” is back in full swing, and last night’s premiere was a good one.

This season is different from past seasons. Each week, a new celebrity will guest host the show since now that social media is so big, it’d be hard for one person to carry it out like Ashton Kutcher used to do. Remember how once The Wanted got punk’d a few months ago, it was already all over the internet.

Justin Bieber served as the first host for the new season and decided to target Taylor Swift, Rob Dyrdek, and Miley Cyrus. To prank Taylor, Justin invited her to Malibu for a writing session for his Christmas album. After Taylor arrived, Justin and his pal Ry Good decided to play with some fireworks they got from Japan.

After setting a few off, Justin convinces Taylor to give it a try and BAM – one lands on a boat where a wedding is happening. The boat catches fire and the passengers abandon ship. The look of terror on Taylor’s face as the bride and groom was ashore is so good. Everyone then tries to figure out what is going on, the police and coast guard “are called” and the bride starts to rethink everything saying maybe all this was a sign.

You can tell that Taylor is really upset at the thought she just ruined a wedding and she starts pacing and going inside and out all while on the verge of tears. Finally Justin reveals she’s been punk’d and Taylor can’t believe it. She goes, “I thought I was going to be rotting in a jail cell because Justin Bieber made me push a button.”

After the show premiered, Taylor tweeted, “Well played, @justinbieber. I was truly terrified.”

Justin’s next target, Rob Dyrdek didn’t go so well. After sitting down for a meeting at a restaurant, a couple starts bickering next to Rob’s table. Rob is smart and figures out the couple is way over the top and jokes about if he’s being punk’d. This sends the control room into panic forcing Justin to reveal himself. Justin and Rob then decide to team up to get Sean Kingston instead with the same setup. Sean isn’t as quick to figure it out and ends up getting punk’d.

Justin’s last target is Miley Cyrus and for the first time, he attempts to punk someone who thinks they’re doing the punking. Miley thinks she’s punking Justin by setting him up to get into an argument with some angry skaters over parking in their skating area. Justin decides to really get into it by starting a fight with the guys and “kicking” one in the stomach. Miley and everyone in the control room start freaking out because they didn’t expect it to go that far. As Justin runs away, Miley comes out and genuinely thinks Justin is upset and mad. She keeps saying all she wants to do is call him and give him a hug.

Finally, Justin re-enters the area yelling “you can’t punk me!” Miley realizes she’s been set up and goes after Justin in a playful way. Justin says to her, did you really think I was badass?

If you missed the premiere episode, watch it below. Which of the three pranks was your favorite?

Also below, watch the preview for next week’s episode where Bam Margera punks Ronnie from “Jersey Shore,” Tyler Posey, and Tyler the Creator. Stay tuned because Miley will be returning as a host later this season.