Lily Collins Takes Over NYC and Opens Up About Singing for ‘Mirror Mirror’


Lily Collins had a busy week in New York City promoting Mirror Mirror.

Lily met with fans at the Apple Store in Soho and even made her way to the top of The Empire State Building.

We had the chance to see Mirror Mirror yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised. The movie is a fun, cute, clever and witty movie that is perfect for children and adults. This movie definitely solidifies Lily’s status as one-to-watch.

As many of you may, or may not, know, Lily is the daughter of musician Phil Collins. If you stay until the very end of Mirror Mirror, you’ll get to hear Lily take her turn singing. She opened up to THR about the experience saying, “It’s so funny, I really want everyone to know because everyone’s like, ‘That wasn’t you,’ and I’m like, ‘It really was!’” She continued, “I went into the sound studio, into a sound booth, and I recorded it and the dwarves recorded bits in the melodies. This was my first experiment with going out there and singing — Bollywood, nonetheless.”

“I never thought I’d be doing that,” she continued. “It was so much fun and I’ve always loved singing, writing songs and kind of experimenting with that. I wouldn’t say that it’s my goal right now to come out with an album or anything, but it’s so much a part of who I am and if there’s a movie like this one that involves singing, I think that’s kind of the perfect way to segue into it and experiment.”

Mirror Mirror opens tomorrow. Click inside for pics from Lily’s NYC trip and watch her Jimmy Fallon interview below. Also, listen to Lily’s song!

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