The Wanted: “We’re Musicians. We Want to Show People That”


UK band The Wanted nabs the second cover of the March 31st issue of Billboard Magazine. They share the double covers with fellow UK band One Direction. See their cover here.

In the magazine, band member Max George and manager Scooter Braun open up about the success of the band. Max wants people to know they’re not just another boyband. “We’re musicians, and if we couldn’t sing very well we’d be in the wrong job,” Max says. “But we can, and we all play music, and we want to show people that. We are a full-playing band, as well as a boy band.”

What is it that makes these guys special? Manager Scooter Braun says, “They’re the bad boys from the U.K. for a reason. The resurgence of the boy band is a different type of boy band. Both of these groups do not dance. The guys in the Wanted play instruments. A few of the guys in One Direction play instruments. That’s very different from my teenage years.”
So what does mogul Simon Cowell think of this resurgence of boybands? Will there be another invasion? “Inevitably, once you do something and it works, then you have a ton of people jumping on the bandwagon,” Cowell says. “It’s always happened, and it always will. You’re going to see a pop music boom in America again.”
“I’ve done this long enough that everything in music and entertainment in cyclical,” Cowell says. “[Even if ] you go back to the Motown days, every time, it always comes back to 12 o’clock. It felt like that time again.”

We have to say we love both the Wanted and One Direction and we’re happy to see boybands back in full swing. Get a better look at the Wanted’s cover below.