One Direction: Our Fans Have Proven “How Strong the Internet Is”


One Direction graces one of two covers of the March 31 issue of Billboard Magazine.

The cover is an homage to the teen magazine covers of the 80s and 90s. In the issue, the band talks about the power of the internet and their fans, and Simon Cowell even weighs in on the band’s success.

On finding fame on the web: “The Internet in general—YouTube and Twitter and Facebook—that’s where they found us,” 1D’s Niall Horan says of the group’s fans. “It’s crazy to us. [The fans have] proven over and over again how strong the power of the Internet is.”

On the demand for all male groups: “It’s a track-oriented chart at the moment,” Simon Cowell says. “When we used to put records out years ago, two singles was the norm, three singles was a lot. And you have these solo artists now who could be, with collaborations, putting out seven or eight singles a year.”

On 1D’s success: “I don’t like to say what’s going to happen in a year’s time, because I genuinely don’t know,” Cowell says. “Nobody sits here with some grotesque master plan. You just go, look after the guys, respect the fans and, most importantly, you’ve got to make fantastic records. Because without that, it doesn’t work. If you start looking at them as objects, it dehumanizes them.”

One Direction has been busy traveling all over North America. This past week/end they visited Canada’s ET and MuchMusic. They also met fans at the Mall of America. Click inside for photos from these events and also the latest 1D VEVO videos and more.