Josh Hutcherson Wanted to Be in a Boyband and Liam Talks Throwing Knives at His Brothers (Video)


Did you know that Josh Hutcherson once wanted to be in a boyband like NSYNC?

Josh stopped by Conan last night to talk about the success of The Hunger Games and how he got his start in acting. It turns out he picked up the phone book at a young age and called a talent agency!

Josh also revealed he had aspirations to be Justin Timberlake at one point. “I was a big NSYNC fan and I had my hair dyed blonde, like the frosted tips,” Josh said. “I memorized all the dance moves to every single song. Who wouldn’t want to be Justin Timberlake? I could not sing. Horrible singer, but I thought there were ways around that possibly.”

Josh also chatted about THG fans and the names they’ve made for Peeta & Katniss’ relationship. Josh’s co-star Liam Hemsworth also stopped by Conan this week. He talked about promoting the movie and his brothers.