Exclusive: Bethany Joy Lenz Talks “One Tree Hill” (Video)


It’s hard to believe there are only 2 episodes left of “One Tree Hill.”

We had the chance to chat with one of our favorites, Bethany Joy Lenz, at the Zooey Magazine Relaunch about the show coming to a close.

We’re longtime fans of the show, so we had to know if we’d be satisfied with the ending. “I would be very remissed if I said that was not true. You will be very satisfied.”

We also chatted with Bethany about how intense some of these episodes are and what she took away from the set. “I took the Julias Caesar book, the antique one that Haley gave Lucas in the pilot. I had everyone sign it so it became like my yearbook.”

Watch the full interview below and find out what Bethany Joy Lenz’s message is to all you OTH fans out there. Don’t forget to watch OTH on Wednesday nights at 8pm on the CW.