Exclusive: Lindsey Shaw Gives Her Guess on “A” and If She’ll Be Back on “Pretty Little Liars” (Video)


Tonight we finally find out who “A” is on “Pretty Little Liars”! At long last!

We caught up with Lindsey Shaw last night at the Zooey Magazine relaunch where she told us that Paige will be showing up in tonight’s finale…wearing something quite unique. The episode includes a masquerade ball, so our imagination can only begin to fathom what she means.

We also chatted with Lindsey about who she would pick as “A.” Yes, she knows the answer, but we made her guest any way. Who did she choose? Aria! She told us it’d be great if it was one of the actual 4 main girls.

Watch the rest of our interview with Lindsey below. We also decided to rally for a “10 Things I Hate About You” revival al a TV movie.

Who do you think is “A”?