Demi Lovato Opens Up in MTV “Stay Strong” Documentary (Video)


Did you watch MTV’s “Demi Lovato: Stay Strong” documentary last night?

If you missed it, MTV has the whole thing online for you to watch here and you can see the first part below.

The documentary will definitely hit you emotionally and gives fans a closer look into Demi’s struggles and recovery and her triumphant return back to the stage.

After the documentary aired, Demi sat down with Suchin Pak for MTV’s After Show. You can watch the full 30 minute After Show here. Demi Lovato talked about her role models, opening up to the cameras and even about her upcoming episode of “Punk’d” in which she was punk’d by Nick Cannon along w/ Alex & Jack from All Time Low, which we first reported, her tattoos and about The Hunger Games. Check out a few clips inside.

What did you think of “Stay Strong”? Did you tune in?