From the Dentist to Ziplining: Debby Ryan Shares Her Recent Adventures


Debby Ryan braves the dentist chair in her new Youtube video.

Debby has had quite a few adventures recently and decided to share them with you in a fun video.

She writes, “Sometimes I whip out my cell phone & take video of some rad nuggets of life as they happen. Kicking off on a random zip line I found whilst on a hike, through through roller-coasters, rock-n-roll music, modern dentistry, watercolor sunsets, teaching Mickey Mouse how to dougie, cross-country flights, a streetside concert, and many-a-dance party. Here’s a tiny taste.”

What’s the coolest adventure you’ve been on? Be sure to catch a new episode of “Jessie” this Friday on Disney Channel. You’ll be introduced to Debby’s rival played by Jennifer Veal.