EXCLUSIVE: Cast of “Kickin’ It” Talks Big “Kickin’ It in China” Episode (Video)


Get ready to go to China with the cast of “Kickin’ It” in a brand new episode tonight.

We had the chance to chat with Leo Howard, Olivia Holt, Mateo Arias, Dylan Riley Snyder, and Alex Christian Jones about the big episode tonight called “Kickin’ It In China.” The cast talked about how amazing the sets were, where else they’d like to travel, and about weird fortunes from fortune cookies.

While we were on set, Leo even treated us to an awesome martial arts demonstration.

In the episode, Jack is invited to the Junior World Karate Championship in China, where he comes face to face with an opponent from his past — his distant cousin, Kai, who also trained under Jack’s grandfather when they were young. The two rivals compete in a final confrontation atop the Great Wall of China. Meanwhile, Jerry, Eddie and Milton get lost while trying to track down the meaning of a fortune cookie proverb they can’t decipher.

Check out our interviews below and tune in to “Kickin’ It in China” at 8pm on Disney XD tonight!