“Pretty Little Liars” – Eye of the Beholder Clip


We’re one step closer to finding out who “A” is!

We have a new clip from Monday’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” called “Eye of the Beholder.” In the clip we see Jason chatting with Spencer and Emily and it looks like Maya has been around! Check out the clip below.

In the episode, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are on the quest for answers of what Alison knew before she died and they might have just gotten a big lead when someone from Alison’s past appears. Duncan might hold the key to all of the girls’ answers, but can they trust him to let down their guard? And just when they feel like Duncan may be the only lead, Jason drops off a bag of Alison’s personal items that could be more than just a bag of junk.

Meanwhile, Toby’s return to Rosewood brings a surprise reunion that ends dangerously.

Tune in Monday, March 5 at 8pm on ABC Family!