Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform an Original Rap and Head to Disneyland (Video)


The adorable twosome of Sophia Grace & Rosie are back and this time they’ve got an original song!

The loveable British cousins returned to the Ellen Show on Tuesday to share their experience at Disneyland where they got to meet all the princesses and ride in a horse and carriage. We just love how excited they get over cotton candy. It’s a good thing Ellen gave them their own cotton candy maker.

After their Disneyland package rolled, the girls took the stage to perform an original rap. That’s right…original! For being only 8-years-old, Sophia Grace can bust out the rhymes. If she writes her own raps, major props to her. The rap is called “Princess Swagger” and we can’t stop listening to it.

Watch both videos below. What do you think of Sophia Grace & Rosie’s original rap?