The Cast of “Parenthood” Covers LFO in New Viral Video


Michael B. Jordan makes pushups look easy while holding Sarah Ramos on his back in a new hilarious video featuring the cast of NBC’s “Parenthood.”

The video hits the web just in time for the season finale, which airs February 28 at 10pm on NBC. The video features Landon Pigg covering LFO’s single “Girl on TV” with rap vocals from Mr. Michael B. Jordan himself.

While Landon, who is dating “Parenthood” star Mae Whitman, does not appear in the video, you get some great lip sync action from the entire cast including Miles Heizer, Dax Shepard, Tyree Brown, and Jason Ritter.

Watch the funny video below. It definitely makes us hope for an Alex (Jordan) return to the show. Please?!