Zac Efron and Taylor Swift Cover Foster the People on Ellen (Video)


One of the best Ellen interviews ever!

Ellen Degeneres was the only person to score an interview with both Taylor Swift and Zac Efron from The Lorax, and it’s definitely one of our favorites of the year.

During the interview portion, Ellen slyly asks Zac and Taylor numerous times if they are a couple and multiple times they say they are just friends. The two even talk about their Vlanetine’s Day, which Taylor spent with a bunch of single friends and Zac may or may not have spent with a lady (Hi Lily Collins).

In order to help with the dating confusion, Ellen eventually gives Taylor and Zac some t-shirts to wear out which say things like “We only hooked up once” and “We broke up.” But the best part of the interview comes when Zac shows off his new guitar playing skills he learned from Taylor. What starts out as a cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People turns into the “weird Ellen song” and we love it!

Click inside to see the clips from Zac and Taylor’s interview. We love it!