Miley Cyrus Drops Out of ‘Hotel Transylvania’ to Focus on Music; Replaced by Selena Gomez


It looks like Miley Cyrus will be spending the year focusing on music. The 19-year-old dropped out of the animated flick Hotel Transylvania according to E!.

Miley tweeted back to a fan saying, “I really wanna work on my music this year! That’s all.” While we’re sad she won’t be in another animated flick, we loved Bolt, we’re ecstatic that she’s working on music. We definitely need a new Miley album ASAP!

Now that Miley has dropped out of the Adam Sandler flick, the studios quickly found a replacement. According to E!, Selena Gomez will now be providing the voice of Adam Sandler’s daughter.

The film follows Dracula (Sandler), who operates a high-end resort away from the human world and goes into panic mode when a boy discovers the place and falls for the Count’s teen-aged daughter.

What do you think about this casting shakeup?