Q and A: Tyler Blackburn Talks PLL, Singing and More


We were so excited when we heard Tyler Blackburn was going to be a series regular on “Pretty Little Liars”.

A few days after the news was announced, we got the chance to participate in a conference call interview with Tyler where he talked about the news, if he’d sing on PLL and much more. Check out some higlights!

You’re a series regular now on PLL. How does that make you feel? I am very, very excited. I just loved every minute of working on the show, so the fact that I can work on it more and more, it’s such a good feeling. I am over the moon.

Do you happen to know who A is yet? Well, obviously I can’t say a whole lot about that, but I can tell you that by the end of this season A will be revealed. So yes, I do know. I do know, but I can’t give any hints or anything.

Are we going to continue to see Caleb being involved in the adventure and the mystery of A or is this target going to slow him down a bit? I think that after this next week’s episode it does slow down a little bit for Caleb. I think A definitely gives people these hurdles, and if they prove themselves and successfully jump over them—A doesn’t necessarily back off but gives a slight amount of breathing room. So I think that’s sort of what happens with Caleb. He’s put in some hot water, but he does prevail in some ways. So I think that for the rest of the season after that, he’s focusing again on his relationship with Hanna, as opposed to all of this craziness. So it does shift a little bit, but he definitely helps to facilitate finding out the mystery of who A is.

It seems there’s going to have to be some sort of serious showdown between Caleb and Garrett. What can you tell us about what’s going to happen with them? Well, Garrett’s just a creepy dude. He’s also a cop, and Caleb has a bit of a sordid past with the law and I think that A knows that. A sort of sets it up to where Garrett and Officer Wilden are able to basically charge—not charge but assume—that Caleb has done some hacking illegally and A sort of sets Caleb up in that way.

So you wonder is Caleb going to get in trouble with the law again, and the law happens to be Garrett. I think Garrett also has some ulterior motives as well, so they’re definitely out for blood. But Caleb is a tough dude, you know? He has a lot of street smarts, and he can keep up pretty well.

Do you think there would ever be a possibility for fans to hear you sing on the show? Well, on the show, I’m not sure. I mean, that would definitely have to be sort of like a decision for the character. But I actually have recorded a couple songs, (one of them was for a web series that I did) and we filmed a music video for it. So that’s actually available online. That song is called “Save Me.”

Watch a clip from next week’s episode below as well!