Zac Efron: Moms are the Most Agressive Fans


Zac Efron hits up the recording booth for The Lorax in this new pic.

Zac recently chatted with Glamour where he revealed who his craziest fans are…and they might not be who you think.

“You know, it’s the moms who are overaggressive,” Zac said. “A lot of times their daughters are very sweet and cordial, and the moms tend to grab you and scream and want to kiss you. You gotta watch out for the moms.”

Check out some more highlights:

GLAMOUR: The Lucky One is definitely a tearjerker. What’s the last movie that made you cry in the theater? Toy Story 3. I probably cried like 10 times in that movie. I wasn’t alone! Every other dude there was teary.

GLAMOUR: What was the hardest thing about doing your Lucky One role? It is sensitive playing a U.S. Marine sergeant. We met with a bunch of staff sergeants at Camp Pendleton. Most of them were my height, but they really had a lot of extra weight on them. So for the role I must have put on 25 pounds.

Read the full interview here. You’ll find out about Zac’s perfect first date and more.

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