Nick Jonas Weighs In on the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is this weekend and everyone is weighing in on who they think should win – Giants vs Patriots.

Nick Jonas is a huge football fan and a supporter of the Giants. Nick recently chatted with Billboard about his thoughts on this year’s game.

“I think the Patriots are an amazing team and Tom Brady is an absolutely incredible quarterback. The things that’s been interesting about the Giants’ season into the playoffs is that they started off okay, then they had a little bit of a struggle, but then they really started to pick their game up in the last four games and have been playing like a team that wants to win the Super Bowl.

“My opinion is that it’ll be an incredible game — back and forth, lots of points scored, because both quarterbacks are really talented and know how to run their offense. My prediction is the Giants walk away with the title once again.”

Do you agree with Nick? Will you be watching for the game or the commercials?