THR Uncovers 9 Secrets from ‘The Hunger Games’


How amazing do Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson look on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

The trio, along with The Hunger Games director Gary Ross cover the latest issue which reveals 9 great secrets about the movie.

Did you know that the cast had to battle bears and 100 degree heat on set? Apparently there were 300 bears living in the woods and they would come out at the slightest scent of food. There was also 100-degree heat and rain that showered down daily, almost precisely at 4 p.m.

Or how about the fact that Jennifer was paid a mere $500,000 to play Katniss, which is equivalent to what Kristen Stewart made for the first Twilight movie.

For more of the secrets, visit and click inside to see more of the pics from the photoshoot…

We can’t wait for March 23!

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