Taylor Swift Joins the Civil Wars On Stage to Perform “Safe and Sound” (Video)


If you’re as obsessed with “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars as we are, then you’re going to love this video!

The Civil Wars performed at the Ryman in Nashville on Thursday evening and during their set they decided to invite a friend on stage. They teased the audience saying their guest was shy and new at writing songs. When their guest emerged, the crowd cheered because it was none other than Taylor Swift.

Taylor joined the duo on stage to perform “Safe & Sound,” their track from the upcoming soundtrack for The Hunger Games. It was the first time the song has ever been performed live and it sounded awesome. We also hear a music video was recently made for the song. We can’t wait. Maybe Taylor will sing it at the Grammys?

What do you think of Taylor and the Civil Wars duet?