Nolan Gould Gets A Banjo from Ellen DeGeneres


Nolan Gould hugs the latest addition to his musical instruments collection – a banjo named Ellen.

Nolan made a visit to the Ellen Show this week where the two discussed the show, Nolan being in MENSA, and more. He even revealed that he was saving up to buy a banjo but it looks like he can stop saving. Ellen surprised him with his own banjo! Add that to his stand-up bass and Nolan could be a one-man band.

Be sure to catch Nolan in a brand new episode of “Modern Family” tonight on ABC at 9pm. In tonight’s episode titled “Egg Drop,” Luke and Manny have a big school project to design the best capsule that would protect an egg in a two-story drop, but when Claire and Jay catch wind of it, their own competitive drives kick in… and eventually take over.

Meanwhile, Phil solicits the help of Haley and Gloria to sit as plants in the audience during a huge real estate presentation he has put together, and Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers and must try their very best to be charming and likeable.