Emma Roberts Defers College to Focus on Film Career


Emma Roberts has deferred her studies at Sarah Lawrence College in New York so she can get back to making movies.

Roberts began her freshman year as an English literature student in September but confessed she was struggling to balance school work with auditions and movie commitments. Speaking to Us Weekly magazine in November, she said, “It’s a lot. It’s more the travelling that’s the hard part, the going back and forth. I was just in L.A. and now I’m here in New York, and now I have to go back to L.A.”

And now her representative has confirmed, “She is postponing college due to work, taking time off to shoot two films.”

Emma Roberts is set to start filming Spring Breakers with Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and James Franco in early March as well as Adult World co-starring Shiloh Fernandez.