Bianca Lawson Enlisted as Beacon Hill’s Guidance Counselor on “Teen Wolf”


Bianca Lawson is making the rounds on the hottest teen shows. She’s already made her mark on “The Vampire Diaries” and “Pretty Little Liars,” and now she’s heading to “Teen Wolf”!

E! Online has learned that Lawson will be Beacon High’s new guidance counselor in the upcoming second season. Her character will become an ally with many characters on the show. This could be dangerous though if everyone trusts her, all that knowledge could lead to danger.

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Lawson is just one of the new faces that will be heading to MTV’s hit show this year. It’s already been announced that Stephen Lunsford, Daniel Sharman, and Michael Hogan will be joining and you can also expect to see Gage Golightly (“The Troop”), who will play a tough girl who transforms from ugly duckling to swan, catching the interest of all the boys and wolves, and Sinqua Walls as Boyd, a shy loner who’s hiding a secret.

Are you excited for the new season of “Teen Wolf”?