“Pretty Little Liars” Winter Premiere: Plenty of Twists and Turns and Revelations


“Oh my gosh, did that really happen?”

That’s pretty much all we kept saying to ourselves during the mid-season premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” last night. So many things were revealed yet so many things still unsolved.

The episode opened with the girls serving community service. We knew that Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer were stylish, but how is it they can make wearing an orange jumpsuit look good? So not fair! Anyway, the girls are serving when suddenly a fight breaks out among two of them…

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**Warning, Contains Spoilers**

– Emily and Spencer! Way to go Emily. Who knew she was such a badass? Because of this, the two are given two more weeks of community service, but as we learn, it was all part of the plan…the plan to trap A!

Spencer once again has to push away Toby, who just won’t give up on their love, while Aria once again has a run in with Ezra’s evil ex Jackie which led up to the biggest reveal of the night. Ezra and Aria revealed their relationship to her parents!!!! Did you see that coming? Let’s just say not everyone was thrilled with “Ezria’s” coming out party, especially Aria’s little brother Mike who took it upon himself to punch Ezra in the face.

After the reveal, Ezra once again has to tell Jackie he does not love her while we learn that everything between the girls – the fight, the hostility at school – was all a game to lure A to them using Emily as bait. The girls hatch a plan and Emily heads off to meet A with the others to follow behind, but not before they get held up.

Hanna must confront her dad about the wedding and she learns that he, his new bride, and the evil Katie will be moving to Rosewood. We have a feeling this will complicate Hanna and maybe even Hanna and Caleb’s relationship. Spencer once again has a run-in with Toby, who just wants answers, and Aria ends up grounded because of her relationship. Each finally get away in time to run to Emily’s rescue, in true PLL fashion. We love that Mike helped Aria sneak out. It’s nice to see the little bro getting more screen time.

Once again, the girls are thisclose to finding out who A is. They have A cornered but darn is that A witty. After shattering the skylight, A runs away, but not before Hanna accidentally, but yet perfectly, hits them with her car. Just when the girls think they got nothing out of the ordeal, they see A’s shattered cell phone on the ground. What a breakthrough!! Fingers crossed they can actually get some valuable information out of it.

A lot, and I mean a lot, happened in this episode and boy was it exciting. We still can’t believe Ezra and Aria revealed their relationship. What will happen to them? Also, the episode had two great lines that we can’t stop thinking about. Emily finally showed her tough side and she said, “I’m the weakest link and the weakest link wants some payback.”

And of course Hanna, being Hanna, shouted after the car incident, “Did anyone see if ‘A’ had boobs?” How come no one has noticed that before? They still have no idea if A is a guy or girl and that would have been one of the first things we noticed.

We can’t wait to see how the rest of the season shapes up. Will Jason return and will his secrets with Spencer’s dad be revealed? Will Garrett and Jenna’s actions be made public? We can only wonder.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Let us know!