Adele Sets Highest Sales Figures in Seven Years


If 2011 was not Adele’s year, then we have no idea whose it was. She has ended the year on a high note after it emerged she’s sold more albums in 12 months than any artist since Usher seven years ago.

The singer released her second disc, 21, in January and, boosted by a show-stopping performance at the Brit Awards in February and the worldwide success of lead single “Rolling in the Deep,” it enjoyed a long run in charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now sales figures for the year show 21 has shifted 5.28 million copies in the U.S. alone – the highest annual sales since R&B star Usher’s Confessions in 2004.

Lady Gaga’s much-hyped Born This Way trails Adele with sales figures of 2.03 million, while Michael Buble’s festive album Christmas sold 1.96 million copies.

What was your favorite album of the year?