EXCLUSIVE: Billy Unger, Devon Werkheiser and Katherine McNamara Reveal What’s Next in 2012 (Video)


2012 is right around the corner. So what’s in store for Billy Unger, Devon Werkheiser, Katherine McNamara and Daphne Blunt? We chatted with all of them at Elizabeth Stanton’s Sweet 16 and exciting things are on the horizon for each.

Billy Unger stars in the new Disney XD show “Lab Rats” which will premiere early next year. He was so sweet when we met him that the first thing he asked us was what we wanted for Christmas! What does he want? “A new guitar,” he told us. “A Les Paul, a Les Paul custom, or a Les Paul standard. Something like that. Definitely a Les Paul.”

Billy also told us about “Lab Rats.” What will people like about the show? “I think what kids especially 7 through 17…it’s extremely relatable and that’s because we’re misfits. We have these supher human abilities but we’re also misfits and trying to fit into school.”

Devon Werkheiser has a lot planned with both music and acting for 2012. “I’m doing a little webseries called ‘Never Fade Away.’ I’m doing this movie with Carter Jenkins and Corbin Bleu called Dear Friends with Love and I’m working on new music. I’ll be putting out an EP and an album hopefully.”

We also chatted with Katherine McNamara about her new movie Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn with Joel Courtney and Jake T. Austin. What makes this movie different from past versions? “What they did is really great. They took both of Mark Twain’s books and put them together to have the best parts of the story all wrapped up into one,” she told us. “Usually Tom and Becky are about 11 or 12. In this version we’re all aged up to around 15 or 16 which now we can make the story a little bit more intense.”

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