EXCLUSIVE: Cassie Scerbo Says Lauren Will Face Some New Challenges on “Make It or Break It” This Season(Video)


We were so excited when it was announced one of our favorite shows, “Make It or Break It,” would finally be returning for a new season.

We chatted with Cassie Scerbo at the 2011 Youth Rock Awards and had to see what’s in store for her character Lauren. “So excited to be back. Lauren has some amazing things going on this season,” Cassie told us. “Really interesting challenges that she hasn’t been faced with yet. I’m so excited, they’re really going the distance this season because this is basically almost our Olympic season. It’s getting gritty.”

And of course playing a gymnast means having to stay in shape. So did Cassie miss those grueling workouts? “Actually, yes I did. Every time on the show I happen to get in really such good shape because, hey, we wear leotards for a living. You can’t just go and have a cupcake whenever you want. So, it definitely keeps me intact.”

Season 3 of “Make It or Break It” will return to ABC Family in 2012. Are you excited for MIOBI’s return? Watch our full interview with Cassie below.

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