Damien Haas and Ryan Ochoa: 2011 Youth Rock Awards Interviews (Video)


Damien Haas from “So Random” and Ryan Ochoa from “Pair of Kings” were just two of the stars who served as presenters at the first ever Youth Rock Awards last week.

We chatted with Damien on the carpet and we had to know what it was like working with Justin Bieber. “That was awesome,” Damien shared. “He seems really down to earth for how much fame he has. He came up to me and was like ‘yo man, what’s up. My name is Justin’ and he shook my hand.”

When we saw Ryan, we had to ask what’s next for him in 2012. “Vacation hopefully,” he spilled. “We’re seeing about “Pair of Kings.” We’re on hiatus now so I’m just enjoying school and family. I’m looking forward to the holidays.”

Well, good news for Ryan. This week it was announced that “Pair of Kings” would be back for another season with Adam Hicks joining the cast.

Check out our interviews with Ryan and Damien below. Check out more interviews from the Youth Rock Awards here.