Tom Felton Has A Close Call with a Baboon on Safari


Talk about a close call! Tom Felton almost had a close encounter with a baboon on Wednesday after he was almost attacked while sitting on his hotel balcony in South Africa.

Tom, who ironically played a bitter ape warden in 2011 movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is on location shooting “Labyrinth” and he decided to make the most of a day off by taking a safari trip, but he got a little too close to the local wildlife upon returning to his hotel suite, when a baboon decided to join him.

Tom posted about the event on his twitter saying, “Sent on safari today, had an amazing time observing the animals of africa… also nearly got ravaged to death by a baboon who jumped from my roof to the balcony whilst i was reading a script outside! (I) legged it (ran) inside.”

So glad Tom’s a fast runner.