Ryan Kwanten is Heading to “New Girl” for Valentine’s Day


As if we needed another reason to tune into “New Girl.”

“True Blood” hunk Ryan Kwanten is set to show off his comedic side during on the Valentine’s Day episode of FOX’s hit “New Girl” according to E! Online. In the episode, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) will be celebrating her first Valentine’s Day in six years as a single girl.

She drags Schmidt (Max Greenfield) out to a bar to be her wingman, and that is when she meets Oliver (Kwanten). Jess quickly finds out that she has nothing in common with him, which is really the last thing you should care about when it comes to someone who looks like that.

Fingers crossed Ryan loses his shirt and keeps his accent for the role. The episode is set to air in February 2012. Lucky Zooey Deschanel.