The Results of Another Double Elimination of “The X Factor” Shock Viewers


Last night’s result show of “The X Factor” featured one of the most shocking eliminations we’ve seen in a while.

Once you get down to 7 talented contestants, it is no doubt hard to see any of them leave. On Thursday night, the contestants of “The X Factor” faced another double elimination to get down to the Top 5. The contestant with the lowest number of votes who was immediately sent home was Astro. Honestly, we’re not too surprised. We definitely think Astro is talented and has a gift for writing and spitting rhymes, but his attitude and maturity level are what held him back. We have no doubt we’ll be hearing a record from him in the near future, though.

After Astro was eliminated, it was down to a sing off between early favorite Drew and Jason Derulo look-a-like Marcus Canty. This was Marcus’ second time in the bottom two and many were shocked to see Drew in the bottom two. We honestly thought we’d see Chris Rene in the bottom and going home. We love Chris’ story, but vocally, he is no where near the rest of the contestants.

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After singing for survival, the judges (minus Simon) ended up sending Drew home. We think Drew gave a beautiful performance of “Billie Jean” on Wednesday night and she definitely should have been given a second chance. We give major props to Simon Cowell for stepping up and admitting he might not have given Drew the right song that night. Drew no doubt has a beautiful and unique voice, but she did start to become predictable each week. We would have loved to see her given another chance to see her go all out and do something fun and funky.

With Astro and Drew eliminated, the Top 5 include frontrunner Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, Marcus Canty, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik. If we had to put our money on who the top 3 will be, we’re rooting for Melanie, Rachel and Josh.

WHAT ARE YOUR thoughts on last night’s elimination? Do you think the right two contestants went home? Let us know!