Taylor Swift: Billboard’s Women in Music Honoree and Cover Girl


Taylor Swift snaps a pic with Nicki Minaj at Billboard’s Sixth Annual Women In Music Event in New York City on Friday afternoon.

Taylor was honored as Woman of the Year while Nicki was named Rising Star. Taylor opted out of a sparkly dress for the occasion and wore red while showing off her new straight hair-do. The 21-year-old covers the new issue of the magazine and below are some highlights.

You’ve released a DVD of this tour. What went into the decision to do that? Why was it important to document this tour?
I really wanted to make a DVD of this show because I felt this is a year of my life that I’m going to want to remember. Every single night I stand on that stage and it feels like it’s the best crowd of the tour every night. They are so loud and emotional and so passionate, and these crowds that we’ve played for this year have been unlike any crowd we’ve played for on any other tour, and this show has been different than anything we’ve ever put on. I want to look back on this years from now and show it to my kids and my grandkids.

Have you ever had a year you just wanted to forget?
Not an entire year, but I’ve had a six-month period I’ve wanted to forget-whether you’re talking about criticism or an awful breakup or whatever trauma you happen to be going through. Every single one of us has a few months here or there that feel like dark months. For me, what helps me with sad times or frustration or rejection is writing songs about every one of those emotions, and for some reason, after I do that and I’m proud of the song, things make a little more sense to me.

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You’re known as a savvy user of social media, particularly in country music, and there are days when you’ll tweet a few times and then sometimes not at all…In your view, how often should an artist tweet, and what do they need to be about?
I don’t want my Twitter page to turn into something that’s operated by other people, and I don’t ever want it to be like, “Team Taylor fans, attention! This will be happening,” from some sort of webmaster. Sometimes I feel Twitter pages can become very promotional in their nature, and I don’t want that. I just want it to be where I can tell them, “Thanks so much for the [American Music Award] nomination,” or tell them what I’m watching on TV at that moment. I like for it to be a little bit random and spontaneous. I want it to be as human as possible, because it’s just me sitting there with my phone deciding what to tweet.

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