Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith: The Next Olympic Figure Skating Duo? (Video)


Check out Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith’s winter swag!

The bff’s have been spending a lot of time together this week, visiting Vans, going to get Jaden’s ears pierced, and even ice skating! Both Jaden and Justin are fancy on their feet, so who is the best skater?

Justin tweeted a video of the duo ice skating and said, “best skaters of all time. #real . they asked if we could be in the olympics but were busy.” He later added, “It’s not about how u fall. it is about how you get back up. and when we skate @officialjaden falls alot.”

Check out the video of the two ice skating below. Ice skating definitely gets us in the holiday spirit. Speaking of the holidays, if you haven’t seen Justin’s music video for “All I Want for Christmas” with Mariah Carey, watch it here.