Sneak Peek: Chord Overstreet Returns to “Glee” Next Week (Photos)

Chord Overstreet Glee

Chord Overstreet GleeOh trouty mouth, how we’ve missed you and your smile!

Chord Overstreet makes his return to “Glee” on next week’s episode and we have the first pictures. If you watched this week’s episode then you know that Rachel (Lea Michele) was banned from competing at Sectionals after fessing up to rigging the student election in favor of Kurt (Chris Colfer). Now the New Directions know they’re up and creek and go in search of a secret weapon.

Did you catch the preview for the new episode entitled “Hold On to Sixteen”? If not, watch it below. It looks like we know what Sam (Chord Overstreet) has been doing to help his family pay the bills. He’s been moonlighting as “White Chocolate.”

Tune in Tuesday at 8pm on FOX to see Chord return to “Glee” and the New Directions take on the Trouble Tones to win sectionals.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Chord return?

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