Dianna Agron: December/January Nylon Cover Girl

Dianna Agron Nylon

Dianna Agron NylonDianna Agron graces the cover of the December issue of Nylon Magazine and we’re loving her look.

If you follow Dianna on twitter or tumblr, then you know she’s been asking fans for art submissions for a new project she’s working on called “You, Me and Charlie,” but what exactly is it?

“It’s mainly arts-based, but it’s also a forum for people to love and support each other,” Dianna tells Nylon. “I realized that just by posting something, I can really influence someone’s day.”

Check out some more highlights from her interview and be sure to pick up the December/January issue on newsstands next week.

On her actual high school persona: “We watched Practical Magic and all of those movies, like The Craft. My friend’s mom had all these Stevie Nicks outfits, and we’d gypsy dance in her living room and have seances. We’d mix all these things from the refrigerator together and we’d look at it and be like, ‘This means you’re going to find true love when you’r 18 years old’.”

On her Glee audition: “They were going to scrap the character but Robert [Ulrich, the casting director] asked for one more chance. I went in and read, and they called me back two days later, and he told me to come back and straighten my hair, and wear something sexy. I was like, ‘First of all, what is…”sexy”?’…I went to like, a CVS, and bought a straightener and straightened it at Starbucks.”

On Quinn Fabray’s future: “Essentially, I’m a senior, so, I’ll probably graduate this year.”

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