Demi Lovato: “I Don’t Take Dating Lightly Anymore”


Demi Lovato looks gorgeous in this new photo from Glamour magazine.

In the issue, Demi opens up about dating and the kind of guy she’s looking for. “(I need) someone who’s not only supportive in my career, but also in my recovery. It’s a big responsibility dating me because I come with a little bit of baggage, you know?
“I’m completely open. I’m honest about the journey I’ve been on, so I definitely don’t take dating lightly anymore.”

Demi has been rumored to be back dating Wilmer Valderamma. Check out some more excerpts from Demi’s interview.

Glamour: What’s one thing that has really stuck with you from your experience in treatment?
DL: I met so many young girls and even older women who had literally, you know, been through so much that I couldn’t even imagine. I was maybe a little more closed-minded, and I learned from them never to judge anyone.

Glamour: You also sing, “You never really can fix a heart.” Do you believe that?
DL: I think every time you get your heart broken, there’s a little piece of it that chips away, and I don’t think you ever get that piece back. But I think you’re able to bandage it with time and with new people and other things that make you happy.

Demi also recently announced that her next single will be “Give Your Heart a Break.” What is your favorite song from Unbroken?