Selena Gomez Stops By the Ellen Show to Perform and Talk About Justin Bieber’s Pants (Video)

Selena Gomez Baylor Ellen

Selena Gomez Baylor EllenIt’s good to know we’re not the only ones who would love it if Justin Bieber pulled his pants up.

Selena Gomez stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently (airing today) to perform her hit single “Love You Like a Love Song” and to of course talk about her boyfriend Justin. During the interview, Ellen asked Selena if there was any way she could tell Justin to pull his pants up.

Selena laughed and said she’s tried but he just laughs at her. It also looks like Selena is a better secret keeper than Justin.

We all know about Justin’s extravagant dates, but what does Selena do? “My favorite is that mine don’t get out,” Selena said. “That’s my favorite because obviously that’s very sweet, but I like to do things that are a little bit different and he always gets mad because everything he does gets out and he’s like ‘how come nobody knows what you do?'”

To see Selena’s full appearance on the Ellen Show, be sure to check your local listings…it airs today!