Rob, Taylor and Kristen Recall Intense Birthing Scene in Entertainment Weekly

Twilight Breaking Dawn Entertainment Weekly Cover

Twilight Breaking Dawn Entertainment Weekly CoverThe Twilight trio cover this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly where they open up about some of the intense scenes in the movie.

Because the movie wanted to keep a PG-13 rating, some of the scenes, like the honeymoon and birthing scene had to be toned down. “There’s a version where it was really intense,” recalls Robert Pattinson in the issue. “Cinematically, cut all together, it’s awesome,” says Kristen Stewart. “But we didn’t really do that scene.” “And when we did,” adds Pattinson, “they kept telling us to stop.”

Kristen also shared that she really went all out for the birthing scene, which included screaming Exorcist style and that she was an “absolute nutcase” during its filming. “I do still love the birth scene,” says Taylor Lautner. “I know it’s frustrating that some things aren’t in there.”

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“Yeah,” says Stewart, “I still love it too.”

For even more scoop on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1, be sure to pick up this week’s issue of EW. The movie opens at midnight tonight and is already on track to take in $140 million opening weekend. Check out some new stills at JJJ.

Do you plan on seeing Breaking Dawn at midnight?

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