Preview: Taylor Swift Discusses Being a Role Model on “60 Minutes” This Sunday (Video)

Taylor Swift 60 Minutes

Taylor Swift 60 MinutesTaylor Swift is the latest celebrity to be in the hot seat on “60 Minutes.”

The 21-year-old sat down with host Lesley Stahl to discuss many things, including handling fame and being a role model. “I definitely think about a million people when I’m getting dressed in the morning and that’s just part of my life now.”

“I think it’s my responsibility to know it and be conscious of it,” Taylor continued. “It would be really easy to say I’m 21 now. I do what I want. You raise your kids. But that’s not the truth of it. The truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count.”

To see Taylor’s full “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley, tune in Sunday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.