Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Latest Star to Be Asked Out Via Youtube

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Occupy Wall Street

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Occupy Wall StreetJoseph Gordon-Levitt put in a very touching performance as a cancer patient in the movie 50/50, and it looks like it may have earned him a date.

After seeing the movie, 26-year-old Lindsay Miller, who was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer in 2010, made a video asking JGL out for a coffee date.

She writes on her blog, “As you might recall, I saw the cancer comedy 50/50 recently and was impressed with it, though it was difficult emotionally for me to watch.”

“Also, I didn’t admit this in my first post about it, but after seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance and seeing/reading some of his subsequent interviews about the film I thought, ‘This guy gets it. And he’s cute. I wonder if I could ever run into him somewhere.’ But even though I live in LA, it seems impossible to find him…Maybe YouTube can help.”

We have yet to hear if Joseph has seen the video, but fingers crossed she gets as lucky as Corporal Kelsey DeSantis who got Justin Timberlake to attend her Marine Corps Ball.

In other JGL news, the actor just wrapped filming The Dark Knight Rises in NYC and turned out to support activists at the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York on Tuesday morning after learning of the police raid of the site.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was spotted filming the eviction proceedings for his website HitRECord, and he tells, “I was actually planning on coming tomorrow (Wednesday) for the first time. It seems like it’s (the movement) growing.”
Protesters returned to the site later on Tuesday after a Supreme Court judge ruled they could reside in the park – but without equipment such as tents and generators.

Watch Lindsay’s Youtube video below.