Don’t Expect an Album from Robert Pattinson Any Time Soon, He Can’t Handle the Criticism

Robert Pattinson on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Robert Pattinson on Late Night with Jimmy FallonRumors surfaced a few months ago that Robert Pattinson was going to work on a solo album, but they were immediately shot down by the actor’s rep and now we might know why.

Besides being an actor, Robert is a talented musician who has had songs on the soundtracks to Twilight and How to Be, but he insists there are no plans to head into the recording studio anytime soon.
In an interview with The Sun, Robert explained, “Doing movies, I can handle the criticism because you can always blame somebody else. There are hundreds of people to blame. But, with music, as soon as you’re putting something out there you’re basically only putting an album out there for people to judge it.
“I don’t necessarily want people to judge it. Also I know if I had an album out, the day it comes out I’m gonna be on the internet looking at stuff (comments) and I’ll probably shoot myself. So I don’t know if it’s worth shooting myself over.”

Check out the rest of The Sun’s interview with Robert to find out more about the honeymoon and birthing scenes as well as what it was like being immortalized at Graumann’s Chinese Theater.

Would you buy Robert Pattinson’s album if he put one out?