Host Your Own Pretty Little Liars Premiere Party & Secret Keeper Game Deets


-Are you ready for the premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” on June 8?

The premiere is coming up fast and you can host your own premiere party for the show. Go HERE to find out how you can have your own party and receive a party kit.

We are excited to be one of about 40 people asked to participate in a fun Pretty Little Liars Secret Keeper Game. The game started this week and it’s super interesting. We might need your help with this game so stay tuned to our twitter and facebook for updates.

To find out more about this fun game, click inside…

We received an e-mail from ABC Family about participating in a special game to promote the show. We’ve been excited about the TV show, so we could only imagine what was in store with this interactive game.

On Monday, we received a black box with the “Pretty Little Liars” logo on it. When we opened the box, inside was a plastic sheet that said “Some secrets you have to dig for. -A (See below)

If you’re familiar with the books, you know that “A” stands for “Alison DiLaurentis,” who is the one who knows all the secrets. Underneath the plastic was a lot, and we mean a lot of dirt. I enlisted my friend’s 2-year-old nephew to help me dig through the box.

Inside, we found an iPhone and charger (the phone was provided free to play the game. Very cool. We’ve heard a few of the other participants received Droids). Also inside was a card with our instructions to get started with the game (which required logging onto a website and joining a group on facebook) and another special item that I don’t think we’re supposed to disclose. Each participant in the game is one of the characters from the books. We are “Spencer.”

We will be receiving challenges via text message from the mysterious “A” every few days until June 18. If we can’t complete one of our missions, one of our secrets will be revealed and we don’t want that to happen. We’ve completed our first two challenges, but there are more to come. Some may require your help, so stay tuned!

All equipment, etc for the game provided free from ABC Family.