Ashley Tisdale Promises Special Cameo in Sharpay Spin-Off


MTV chatted with Ashley Tisdale this week at the CW Upfronts about her upcoming movie, “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures.”

Ashley is not only starring in the flick, but is also an executive producer. So is there any chance that her bff Vanessa Hudgens might make a cameo?

“I know [Vanessa’s] super busy because she’s about to promote her movies and stuff,” Ashley shared. “But we definitely do have a special cameo. You just don’t know which character it is. I do. I just can’t tell you. It’s a secret!”

She continued: “We just started doing everything with it. We just started the photo shoots. I’ve been in wardrobe. I leave in like four days for Toronto. It’s a character that’s kind of underneath my skin.”

Ashley also said that this film will show a new side of the character. “You just take her out whenever you need to. I do think of her as her own person, but it’s a lot of fun. The script shows Sharpay in a totally different light. Everyone’s in college. She’s in New York City trying to fulfill her dreams on Broadway.”

Are you excited for Sharpay’s return? Who do you think will make a cameo?