Happy Birthday Nick Braun!


-Happy birthday to Nicholas Braun!! He turns 22 today.

Nick recently returned from Europe where he was filming Chalet Girl with Ed Westwick. He recently told us a little about his role in the movie: “It’s this sweet little romantic comedy. I play a guy named Nigel who is sort of a goofy American boy, 21, sort of the type of guy that just wants to get laid, but has no tact. And it’s really fun. I’m actually working with the director of a few episodes of 10 Things, this guy, Phil Traill. And Ed Westwick is starring in it and Bill Nighy, a really well-known English guy, so it’s fun. I’m working with all British people. It’s been interesting.”

We’re still bummed we won’t get to see Nick every week on “10 Things I Hate About You,” but be sure to tune in Mondays on ABC Family at 8pm EST to catch the last 5 episodes.