Vanessa Hudgens Excited for Rent


Vanessa Hudgens will playing “Mimi” in an all-star version of “Rent” in August.

The musical will take place at the Hollywood Bowl and marks the directorial debut of Vanessa’s Beastly co-star, Neil Patrick Harris.

Vanessa shared with MTV News, “I’m so excited. I haven’t done theater in years upon years, and that is my house.” And she revealed how she got the gig: “He texted me, saying, ‘Do you like “Rent”?’ And I was thinking he was going to ask me to see it with him, so I’m like, ‘Yeah, I love “Rent”!’ ”

Her gal pal, Ashley Tisdale is super excited for her: “It’s really fun because me and my girlfriend Ashley Tisdale used to always sing ‘Out Tonight,’ and now I actually get to do it onstage! Ashley was so excited. We were so obsessed with all the songs, and we would just sing them in the car over and over again. So she’s really happy for me.”

Also check out the traiiler for Beastly below.