The Perfect Game Opens Tomorrow!


-We’ve got two new clips from The Perfect Game, which finally opens in theaters tomorrow.

Two of the stars, Ryan Ochoa & Jansen Panettiere, introduce two of their favorite clips in the videos below.

The movie also stars Jake T Austin, Moises Arias, Clifton Collins Jr, Cheech Marin & Emile de Ravin and takes place in 1957 Monterrey, Mexico, where a rag–tag group of boys from the wrong side of the tracks discovers the joy of sandlot baseball under the guidance of Cesar, an aspiring Major League Coach thwarted by discrimination.

Armed with the dream of playing a real Little League game, the young players defy a total lack of resources, disapproving parents, and widespread prejudice to score their first Little League victory and find themselves at the beginning of a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Relying on their faith, a warm-hearted priest and their love of the game, the nine players and their coach embark on an incredible, record-breaking winning streak that leads them across the border to America, and all the way to the 1957 Little League World Series where a miracle will cement their place in history and change their lives forever.

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