Selena Gomez: I’d Want to Guest Star As Myself


Selena Gomez joined Radio Disney for a Take Over with Ernie D before she headed to Europe last month. The interview aired yesterday. Below are some highlights.

On friendship: “I’m not simple. I think I’m as complicated as it can get, to be honest. I over-analyze things. I constantly am thinking about the next thing and what the future is rather than just enjoying it, which is my biggest lesson. I need to find someone that can just calm me down from that, because I’m constantly everywhere.”

On who she’d like to guest star on “Wizards”: “On the show, I would like to guest star as myself. I would like to be on my show as Selena Gomez just for fun. David [Henrie] and I were talking about this and we actually thought it would be funny if Justin was a huge Selena Gomez fan…We want that to happen just because it would be great to play around with.”

On visiting Europe: “I’m excited to visit Paris because I hear it’s romantic, so I’ll probably feel very alone. But, it will be fun! It will be fun to go be there and experience it, so I’m going to be excited for that.”

Take a listen to the takeover below.