Justin Bieber: I’d Want Chuck Norris to Play Me in a Movie


Justin Bieber paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.

Justin talked about his start on youtube and also answered some twitter questions from fans.

On plans for a World Tour: We’re definitely planning a World Tour, but first we’re going to do some North America stuff in Canada and the US. I’m actually going to Australia & Japan for my first time in a week.

On who he’d want to play him in a Justin Bieber movie: Probably like, Chuck Norris.

On if he likes to sleep on his back, side or stomach: I actually sleep upside down. It’s really strange. [Kidding of course]

Justin might have just a “little” obsession with Mr. Norris. He also jammed on the drums with Questlove. Justin will be performing on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. You might even see him pop up in a skit or two.