Debby Ryan: It’s Going to Be a Great Summer!


Debby Ryan nibbles on a chocolate Easter Bunny in her new youtube video.

In the video, you’ll see many “different” Debby’s. Each one is excited to talk about the new Disney Channel Original Movie “16 Wishes.” Debby stars as “Abby” in the movie and she promises it contains a “couple magical twists.”

hiiiiiii. This video shows that I’m an upside-down fairy mad scientist wearing a tiara in a flower pot on the diving board in my living room in a top hat enjoying a chocolate bunny and answering fan mail.
Talking about 16 Wishes!

Debby also recorded the theme song for the movie called “A Wish Comes True Everyday” as well as a music video. Be sure to be on the lookout for all the projects this Summer on Disney Channel.

And if you aren’t already, be sure to follow Debby on twitter: @thedebbyryan and become a fan on her new facebook.

Are you excited for “16 Wishes”?