Lucas Till Gets His Game On


Lucas Till covers the latest issue of Visual Tales magazine and opens up about his love for video games.

If you’re following Lucas on twitter, then you probably know he loves video games. Check out some highlights from the interview below.

On his first gaming experience: I definitely remember watching someone play Super Mario Bros. as my first video game experience. Although it wasn’t the most contemporary video game at the time, it was still a classic with unlimited entertainment and replay value.

On how many games he owns: I started to count them until I realized there were too many in front of me and countless more in places I lived as a kid.

On which game character he’d love to play on the big screen: Although I would never be this cool, I would love to play Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. A charming sky pirate driven by desire only known to himself.

Be sure to keep a lookout for Lucas in the upcoming Vacation 8 & Battle: Los Angeles. Check out the Vacation 8 trailer HERE.